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Divorce involves issues that affect matters that are most important to you: your children, your home, your finances, and your retirement.  Divorce can become difficult when the parties do not agree on important issues.  It is important to receive advice from a lawyer with a breadth of experience.

The end of a marriage can significantly change your life. As your lawyers, we take the time to identify your goals. As we guide you through the divorce process, we can provide legal guidance geared toward protecting what is most important to you.

If both parties agree on all issues there will be no court hearing. This will reduce the amount of time needed to legally finalize your divorce. It also helps to preserve the privacy of everyone involved by avoiding the relatively public forum of the courtroom.

Peter Glazer will provide honest advice, from decades of legal experience in handling Oregon divorce cases for clients of all backgrounds.  Peter has handled cases ranging from amicable divorces that settle quickly, on one hand, to difficult trials involving issues of business valuation, property division, child custody, and domestic violence. Peter was the lead lawyer in a contentious divorce case which went to trial for over three weeks and in which the opposing party contended there was $100 million in property to divide.  Big and small, Peter may have seen it all.

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